Reformed Blacks of America, Inc. (RBA) is a center that seeks to build and maintain an infrastructure and network among African-Americans in a Reformed theological context for indigenous leadership, church growth and theological research for today's world.

RBA was led to its existence due to the lack of an intentional multifaceted structure through which the Reformed Black community in all its diversity can reach its fullest potential in America. The cultivation of this infrastructure will be fulfilled through these three aspects of the mission of RBA: (1) the advancement of indigenous Black Reformed leadership, (2) growth of Reformed Black churches and (3) theological research that addresses the pathologies of Black America and the challenges of this complex world.

One of RBA's distinctives is that it embodies the next generation of Black Reformed thinkers and thought.


Background of RBA:

God addresses His people as a collective whole in various ways such as “bride”, “church” and “elect”. It is with a similar sense of love and devotion to the Christian community that this project was born. With respect, affection and fear of God, we naturally desire to see His people edified and encouraged, and in like manner we also believe the Christian life is lived not in a vacuum or in isolation but amongst a community of believers. It is with zeal and interest that we seek to commune with God’s people so that we do learn more about Him and further the kingdom of God together.

At this time in history, we believe it is vital to affirm and support the Reformed Christian community in every possible venue. As God blesses His people with a wonderful outpouring of love and truth, this ministry has been established in order to support and emphasize the necessity and growth of the community of Reformed Blacks. As we work toward a mutual fulfillment of the will of God, it will become readily apparent that one of our greatest catalysts for study and growth is also a primary supporter of our faith and hope, believers in community. Moreover, as we individually grow and mature, so must we grow and mature together. As we continue studying Scripture to discern its meaning, so is its meaning enhanced and its significance increased through our relationships not only with God, but with one another. So we must relearn the phrase “never alone” and include not only God, but our brothers and sisters in Christ as well.

We also believe if there is a such thing as a “Black Reformed” movement, it cannot effectively grow and develop divorce from this "Black Reformed" community. Hence, we want to be a catalyst for this movement and a communal hub as it continues to take shape. It is one of our goals to connect you with other Black Reformed believers whom you may not otherwise meet on your own because all of us need one another to truly be all of who God want us to be. Along with this endeavor, we desire to further the advancement of the historic Christian faith as it has been expressed properly through the Reformed tradition to more Black communities. Therefore, we desire to see the these Black communities and churches grow in truth, number and devotion to God because we have a particular affection and calling to them.

Furthermore, this ministry is in support of the local church. We take particular interest in increasing communication and relationships among churches. Therefore, in order for all of this to be accomplished, your talents, gifts, time, knowledge and commitment are indispensable to us. We would be honored if you would unite with us because we cannot effectively move forward without you, which includes ultimately every ethnic group.

We exist because you exist.